Lessons Learned from Years with Water

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The Importance of Water Health in Your Community

Everyone in your community can help with the job of maintaining clean water and a high level of quality. It is the job of the local water treatment plants to produce a clean effluent for everyone to use, but the local community members can assist by not creating unnecessary pollution and not throwing away substances that will turn toxic in the system. Whether it’s the garbage from your home or business, it’s simple to make sure that you dispose of variable items appropriately. This is where awareness and education can play a very helpful role in determining how the community is taught about water quality and potential pollution.

While it’s wonderful to spend time in nature, it’s not great to leave behind a mess that could end up in the water supply. Those seemingly small wrappers, packages, and drinks that people don’t throw out when they’re hiking or camping can later wreak problems for the water treatment plants or simply become pollutants and a danger to animals. Pack in/pack out is a very good awareness reminder for just this scenario.

Pouring things down the drain like bacon grease and other similar items don’t just cause a problem in your house, but also the main pipes where water flows to the neighborhood. The water supply for a community is valuable and if everyone was aware of how their decisions affected it, they would make smarter choices. Visiting sites from agencies like the ASEA Science page will give you a lot of information to think about and you can access that data 24 hours a day. Once you learn what you can, teach it and share it with your kids, so they understand the value of the local water they use.

If we continue to maintain a state of awareness, the water supplies we have will last longer and will be able to help more people. While it’s not the job of any one person, it is the job of every one of us, and all it takes is a little effort every single day.

It might be interesting to turn this into a family game and see how much water everyone can save while still managing to do their daily chores and take care of basic needs. As a family, if you work on a project like this, it creates an environment where anyone can make a difference, no matter how small they are, and that it’s everyone’s job to work towards and maintain the health of the local water supply.

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